Who we are: Established in 2009, Fil-Am Movement International Inc. is the first Filipino group in Orlando, Florida to successfully stage large-scale live events consisting of simultaneous activities and live performances by local and top-caliber Filipino artists directly flown in from the Philippines. Our team was founded to serve, enhance and promote the interest of the Filipino-American community of Florida and the neighboring states.

What we do for You: The productions and events of Fil-Am Movement lInc.are high-impact vehicles that enable you to:

*Deliver your advertising and marketing message

*Highlight the benefits of your product and service

*Reach your target audience

* Create awareness or build a ready-made community around your brand

* Engender loyalty to your cause, advocacy or brand

*Provide a lasting impression on your guests or attendees

*Raise your profile in the community.

In addition, Fil-Am Movement Inc. is backed by the following media partners: Pinoy ATBP Newsmagazine, the widely- circulated free news magazine, whose publisher, Fernando Solis, is the chairman of Fil-Am Movement International Inc. TFC, the biggest and most influential Filipino channel in the U.S. and the world